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        Reflexology with   Blood  Washing                                                    

                                                                     Only $75 to  December 24th


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 The “INTERNAL MASSAGE   that  relaxes every Nerve,  Muscle, Gland & organ in  your body. Reflexology can do things like  Resetting your Electrical  System, Stimulating  Healing,  Clearing out Debris such as used Calcium, dead cells etc.  from joints, Organs & GLANDS.   REFLEXOLOGY IS  INTERNAL MASSAGE – it stimulates & normalizes any part of the body that is in trouble – AND CAN TELL YOU WHICH OF YOUR BODY PARTS ARE NOT HAPPY!     Reflexology is outstanding for helping to repair  Knees &  Hips, all  Osteoarthritis  (rheumatoid requires Metabolic Typing),  Trauma Injuries,  Kidney Calcification, in addition  sluggish livers,   glandular stimulation, migraines, general pain.  In short, it helps almost anything because it  tends to ‘Normalize the Body’ by cleaning meridians, and is  relaxing and stimulating  at the same time.

Last but not least,   just a Wonderful Massage for Tired Feet!

I raised my children using Reflexology and credit Reflexology for saving my baby’s life.

I credit it for saving my Uncle’s life after a heart attack.

For helping my mom to recover so well after her stroke.

For my nerve damage which shouldn’t have healed,  for my paralyzed kitty,  and on and on.

Also receive the benefit of  BLOOD WASHING which used to cost thousands in Europe, now available in FSJ.   This non-invasive red light therapy causes clumped red blood cells to separate improving circulation and oxygen capacity across the surface which can improve any condition related to poor circulation or low oxygen  in minutes.  See  Impressive Results!

  Check out ‘Cellulite Massage’ – another popular gift  -only $85/hr.

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 Hear  REAL LIFE STORIES of people you may know,  seemingly cured of  Rheumatoid Arthritis,  Uterine Fibroids,  Nerve Damage, ALS,  ADD,  Osteoarthritis, Congestive Heart Failure,  Kidney Stones/plaque, & Cancer – including   Weight Loss,  Age Spots &  Alopecia/Thinning Hair……….AND  more,   plus appearing  10- 20 years younger.