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  ‘METABOLIC TYPING’    Reg $150.   To  end of February      Only   $95


 And 7 mixed subgroups making 11 species with 11 different enzyme systems for digesting proteins.    Enzymes are little proteins.  Proteins are little enzymes.  Proteins are necessary to build or repair DNA.    WE CANNOT ALL EAT THE SAME PROTEINS!  WE  DO NOT ALL  HAVE THE SAME DNA!

 If you eat proteins foreign to your body,  they will do one  of two things:

  • Cause abnormal tissue growths such as moles or benign tumors (which is an attractive place for parasites to survive away from your immune system –  (which works with natural  tissue only) And which is why cancer is commonly found in  unnatural  tissue such as moles, tumors and scar tissue.
  • Digest your body parts causing much inflammation, loss of energy, scarring and pre-mature aging. Celiac Disease is a result of this phenomena – gluten eats smooth muscle.  The only cure is to stop eating gluten protein.  However, there are other proteins that Frequency Matching identifies with digesting other body parts, such as cartilage,  organ, glands etc.  causing rheumatoid arthritis, liver cirrhosis, asthma etc., and I suspect most if not all auto-immune    The body does not attack itself……..foreign proteins do!     A century before Christ  Lucretius said.

“What is food for one man may be bitter poison  for others “    

                                                  WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME!

We cannot all eat the same food anymore than we can randomly mix our DNA Blood Types.   Metabolic Typing  testing will tell you which one of the 11 Metabolic Types you are, and let you know which proteins will keep your DNA in good repair, and which proteins will work at destroying your body.  If you are eating proteins foreign to your  body  (and you are)  you are already aging prematurely.     

Wikipedia lists verified long livers – Jeanne Calment of France living the oldest at 122 years.  I will wager she ate some foreign protein.  Frequency Matching shows we ALL have the ability to live to 120 years, and still look beautiful and be in good health albeit with declining energy.  Depending on your DNA, some test to be able to live 14 years longer than Madam Calment.

A simple diet change can reverse 10-20 yrs. or more off your looks and declining health.    Perhaps you want to find out which Metabolic Type you are?  Testing is a mere once in a lifetime, $150 output.   We think nothing of spending   an extra $50,000 on  a house or vehicle.   This $150 will buy you both extended Beauty & Health –  the most valuable asset you will ever own!   And you NEED IT.   “Health is the greatest Gift’ -Buddha

 Good Health is the Most Important Thing in Life – it’s in the Research.

75% of seniors agreed good health was the most important, followed by;

  • maintaining strong relationships is key to happiness
  • the majority (70%) of seventies seniors said having travel memories to reflect on was either important or extremely important
  • only 3% valued materialistic possessions as extremely important
  • proving beauty doesn’t become less important with age, almost half of those surveyed (48%) agreed physical appearance remained an important factor in their life.

Wealth means nothing without health

It is health that is real wealth – not pieces of gold and silver – Mathama Gandhi.

Health is the greatest Gift – Buddah

A fool does not care about his health.

What you eat literally becomes you.  You have a choice in what you’re made of.

Happiness is the highest form of health – Dalai Lama

Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have – Winston Churchill

Don’t  go scotch on  your health    – you need it.

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SUGGESTIONS:    Everyone LOVES  MASSAGE  –  at 1/2 price?   WOW!  Northern School of Massage  is pleased to present ‘Student Massage’.  These students have all passed their  Entry Level 1  in Swedish Lymphatic,  full body Massage.   You will be  surprised at the level of proficiency and  lasting effect from this amazing  lymph-cleansing therapy.   It is the equivalent of  exercise, only you  just get to  lie there and enjoy it.     Hint:   at this price you can afford to  book  a  90 minute session which covers every part of your body plus extra time on your problem areas   ( not recommended for first-time  clients or if you are not in pretty good health as it moves a lot of  toxins).

Or   REFLEXOLOGY   the “INTERNAL MASSAGE”   that  relaxes every Nerve,  Muscle, Gland & Organ in  your body that regualr massage cannot reach.    Great for joint problems.   

BLOOD WASHING  used to cost thousands in Europe, now available in FSJ.   This non-invasive red light therapy causes clumped red blood cells to separate improving circulation and oxygen capacity across the surface which can improve any condition related to poor circulation or low oxygen  in minutes.  See  Impressive Results! – only  $20

 CELLULITE’  MASSAGE – another popular gift  -only $85/hr.   See more under “Therapies”.



I had a heart attack and arthritis in my knee so was unable to do much.  After several Reflexology Reatments i received such relief from the pain in my chest, kneck, arm & arthritic knee that I was able to work in my garden again after several years.                 V Burkholder, Cecil Lake 

I am very happy to say i had 3 Deep Lymphatic massages with a Special Cellulite Oil……..and lost 37#.         Great passive exercise!            C. Desjarlais, FSJ

Last winter Safa limped w. arthritis for 5 mos.   I took her off dry catfood & put her on a diet for her Metabolic Type, added  1 drop of Fulvic Acid & 1 drop of Iodine.  3 mos later she is not limping!  She is 112 in cat years.  As a kitten she was paralyzed from the neck down.  Vet said she was born with a disease she was meant to have and they could not help her.    It took 7 mos for her nerves to grow back using diet, Vitain C,  and electronic therapy ( plus prayers).            Jo Middleton, FSJ

Finley Gibb, 13 yrs., FSJ, diagnosed w. Rheumatoid Arthritis.  My CRP markers were 39 (normal  is 2.9) & Drs. suggested chemotherapy.   Instead  I went on gramma’s  Metabolic Diet for my DNA Type, plus natural supplements to speed up healing.  After  3 mos. my markers were 3.  Two mos later no re-occurances.  Back to hockey again!

Joe K., FSJ  I was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).    Went on Jo’s  Metabolic Diet for my DNA type.  I have been cured of ALS for 4 yrs.  

R. Hope, FSJ  My Carpal Tunnel kept me awake 1-4 hrs. every night for 2 yrs.  No-one could fix it.  In desperation, I  booked to see a surgeon.  6 Reflexology treatments later it was a 100% fix!   It lasted for 2 yrs.  I am going back for Reflexology.   

E. Gagnon, FSJ  I have a neck problem which gave me pain. After 12 physiotherapy treatments and 12 chiropractor, Reflexology twice per week for a few weeks was the only thing that helped.  I can get up in the morning with no pain and look forward to my day.

T.  Mackenzie, FSJ   My 9 yr old daughter was up all night with a bladder infection. I hesitated to put her on anit-biotics which can disturb gut flora.  Gramma tested her &  did 2 painless parasite purges on her (at specific intervals).   It was gone in 24 hrs!     

B. Osborne, FSJ  I had a bad back complete with pain down my leg.  I had 27 chiropractor sessions to no avail.  3 Reflexology treatments from Jo * I was back on my feet.   I tell everyone about her.        

S. Henderson, FSJ  I had brain fog, zero energy.  Dr. said there was nothing wrong wth me.  Jo did Frequency Matching & said I needed a Liver  Cleanse.  Your testing is amazing.  I cannot believe the difference in me.  Also my neck, shoulder, lower back and knee pain is gone.  I thought I was just old.  I forgot, my allergy symptoms are also much better.  I have energy to burn.  I have never written a testimonial before, but this treatment is almost too good to be true.     

M. Farquhar, FSJ  I pulled a muscle in my shoulder, it hurt. After a 1 Hr Lymphtic Massage w. Jo’s student, Lisa, I could move my shoulder with very little discomfort.  I felt wasted and wonderfully relaxed. I know I’ve had a great massage when I get weak kneed & feel like a zombie after!

Brian McLean, Kamloops  Tissue Drainage Massage caught my interest since it is reputed to be a very powerful cleanser.  My knots always came back from a regular massage.  After doing Tissue Drainage, they have stayed away!  I sleep better at night  I feel like I haven’t felt for yrs.   My student masseuse was Lisa.      

S. Clayton, FSJ  Reflexology has done great things for my back.  I am walking upright after trying several other paths.     

Joan Price, Dawson Creek  Reflexology has repaired my back when nothing else worked.  I can play my favorite golf game again.     

BODIES ARE MAGIC! …….GIVE THEM WHAT THEY NEED TO WORK  WITH,   AND THEY WILL DO AMAZING THINGS FOR  YOU!  (have you ever wondered about the miracle of sight?)